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I can be booked to speak about All Things Donor Conception, from the point of view of a parent, or that of a donor conceived person. I’m confident in talking at events, support groups or on discussion panels – both in person or virtually.

I also love to speak on podcasts and other media publications, and have a special interest in LGBTQ+ family building via donor conception.

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Hi, I’m Hayley

I am both a donor conceived adult and also the mum to sperm donor conceived twins who are nearly 6 years old. I’ve been with my wife for 13 years and we currently live in Wales, UK in our 200 year old stone cottage which we have lovingly restored.

For the last few years, I have been talking more openly about my story and sharing my lived experience within the donor conception community.

“Hayley has a really interesting story to tell that reflects so many of the complexities around using a donor to create your family. She’s a great speaker and gave a really fantastic talk at one of our conferences. We also refer to her blog and social media posts regularly, as these provide really valuable insights for us and the DC Network membership more generally.”

Nina Barnsley

Director, Donor Conception Network

Being both a donor conceived person as well as a recipient parent puts me in the unique position of being able to understand the complexities of these situations. As I am simultaneously walking both paths, it is often remarked by those that I have worked with that my perspective is both balanced and empathetic.

I have an in-depth knowledge of worldwide donor conception law and legislation, as well as personal and practical experience with commercial DNA testing procedures.

An academic background in research and Applied Psychology, combined with 10 years of operational policing experience has provided me with a good nose for information. I am unapologetically a ‘journal geek’ and love nothing more than taking a look at the latest publication into donor conception to see how it can be best used or applied to serve our families.

I am confident in signposting both parents and donor conceived adults to appropriate support networks or specialist counsellors. I have a range of personal contacts in these areas from all over the world as a result of my advocacy work.

I have good working relationships with numerous licensed therapists and child psychologists both in the UK and abroad – all who specialise in matters of Donor Conception.

More specifically, I have provided resources, information and guidance to numerous parents who have wanted to search for their children’s donor siblings (other families that have used the same donor). This has resulted in many positive outcomes as a result of my time, knowledge and assistance.

I am confident talking about my story, and I am very open about it’s impact on me as a donor conceived person and as a parent. I have spoken on numerous podcasts, spoken at live events and have also attended virtually at international donor conception summits.

I pride myself on dealing with the more difficult conversations around donor conception, and will always try to answer Q&A’s honestly and with consideration.

Suggested topics

Discussions around the different types of donor options (Anonymous, Open ID and ‘Known donors’) and the implications/considerations.

The importance of early disclosure in donor conceived families.

Common fears and worries experienced by parents of donor conceived children. 

Donor conception in LGBTQ+ family building. 

Commerical DNA testing and connecting with genetic kin (including donor siblings).

“Thank you to Hayley who was a guest speaker on our recent course. She was professional, personable and open – the perfect mixture of sharing your own lived experience whilst creating a safe space for people to ask questions. I could see just how much the attendees got from listening to Hayley’s story.”

Bethan Shoemark-Spear

Wales Project Worker, Fertility Network UK

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