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Support & Connection for Donor Conception

For many people, donor conception offers hope and optimism – it provides a route to parenthood that for many would otherwise not exist.

However, here at Paths To Parenthub we also acknowledge that needing the help of a donor to build your family can be a confusing and challenging time too, a time filled with conflicting emotions and uncertainty.

In January 2023 I was thrilled to join the team at Paths to Parenthub as their LGBTQ+ Director. My role is to support members who identify as being part of our rainbow community, as well as continuing to provide insight from a donor conceived person’s perspective. 

So how can Paths to Parenthub help me?

Whether you are at the start of your journey, or now parenting through donor conception, our community will provide a secure, private and supportive space to explore this multifaceted subject of donor conception from the comfort of your own home.






Here at Paths to Parenthub we will provide you with all of the resources and support you will need in order to make informed choices and decisions on your path to parenthood. From practical guidance like ‘questions to ask your sperm and/or egg bank’, to sharing the latest research from fact-finding studies, to holding online support and connection groups discussing how other families are talking to their children about their conception story.

Joining as a member of Paths to Parenthub will provide you with access to regular interactive webinars, live chats and support groups from a range of voices within our communities. Professionals and people with lived experience of donor conception combine to create a dynamic and inclusive experience.

Specifically, our recordings of live chats with adult donor conceived people, from a range of different families, provide a unique insight into what it is like to be donor conceived. They share their takeaways, advice and tips for parents which is an invaluable resource to our members. Furthermore, Paths to Parenthub prides itself on bringing its members information and research about donor conception from professionals and experts in this field.

You will have the opportunity to form friendships with others, make valuable connections with other families ‘who look like you’, and build on our community alongside others who are walking a similar path.

Who is Paths to Parenthub for?

Whether you are just thinking of starting a family via donor conception, or have children already – whether you are considering at home insemination, using assisted reproduction like IVF or IUI, have used a known, Open ID or anonymous donor, whether you’re a solo parent, couple, co-parent, LGBTQ+ or are somewhere in between, everyone is welcome as a member of the Paths to Parenthub community.

I identify as LGBTQ+, will Paths to Parenthub have content that applies to my family?

Absolutely! Paths to Parenthub has been an established community since 2020, with a growing membership of parents and parents to be from all different types of family. In 2023, I joined forces with the founder of Paths to Parenthub; the lovely Beaky Kearns (aka @definingmum). I have taken on the role of LGBTQ+ Director, and as a gay woman myself it is my role to ensure content and support continues to be tailored to meet the specific needs of our LGBTQ+ community members.


Legal parentage and donor conception webinar for Paths to Parenthub
Who's the real mum/dad webinar with Paths to Parenthub
Family building priorities in LGBTQ+ couples webinar with Paths to Parenthub
Dual citizens webinar for Paths to Parenthub
Marco's story - live chat with Paths to Parenthub
Becoming a parent through reciprocal IVF live chat with Paths to Parenthub

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